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Roman Manetsch

Associate Professor

Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Bouve College of Health Sciences - Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ph.D. University of Basel

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Group Members

Chungsik Kim


Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ph.D. University of South Florida

Chungsik obtained his doctoral degree at University of South Florida where he pioneered efforts of corrole synthesis and catalytic applications toward cobalt(III)-catalyzed epoxidation, N-H insertion, and cyclopropanation. After earning his PhD, Chungsik moved to Japan to pursue his first post-doctoral research experience under the supervision of Dr. Katsuki at Kyushu University. Here, Chungsik studied the asymmetric aziridination and asymmetric aerobic oxidation of 2-naphthols through the synthesis and development of Ruthenium-based catalysts. Chungsik joined the Manetsch Laboratory in 2016, his work in the lab includes photoaffinity labeling, the synthesis of target molecules against carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE), synthesis of diverse gibberellic acids and prodrugs targeting malaria, and the total synthesis and SAR exploration of Cadiolide A and B.

Outside of lab, Chungsik loves to visit beautiful places around New England with his family. He loves to watch baseball, NCAA sports, and play tennis. Chungsik is the reigning ping-pong champion of the Manetsch laboratory.

David Zhao


  Doctoral Candidate
B.S. University of Massachusetts, Boston

David graduated from University of Massachusetts Boston with a B.S. in Chemistry in 2013. Inspired by the beauty and the benefits of organic chemistry, he decided to pursue a Ph.D. in synthetic / medicinal chemistry. In addition to benchwork, David loves teaching and developing supplemental course materials for undergraduate chemistry courses. In 2017 and 2018, he won the departmental and the College of Science outstanding teaching awards. David’s research in the Manetsch Laboratory focuses on the total synthesis of Anguidine and the medicinal chemistry efforts targeted at P. vivax.

Outside of lab David enjoys traveling to his home from the lab and traveling back to the lab from his home. His favorite activity to do around the greater Boston area is to come back to the lab. David loves to work in the lab whenever he can. It is rumored that David is slowly turning into a graduated cylinder.

Matthew Dowgiallo


  Doctoral Candidate

B.S. Le Moyne College


Growing up in the Greater Boston area, Matt first developed an interest in science and nature from summers of camping in Maine with his family. Matt earned a bachelor’s degree from Le Moyne College (Go Dolphins!) in Syracuse, NY majoring in chemistry with a minor in environmental science. During his undergraduate studies, Matt spent time working with Waters Corporation as well as performing total synthesis research in the lab of Robert K. Boeckman at the University of Rochester. In the year before he enrolled at Northeastern, Matt worked for Vertex Pharmaceuticals in the process chemistry department. Matt’s research focuses on the total synthesis of Streptothricin F.

When not in lab, Matt can be found playing ultimate frisbee, riding his bike and cheering on the Northeastern hockey team. Legend has it that Matt can cook “minute rice” in 58 seconds. Matt is always up to proving himself over a round of Mario Kart. 

Mintesinot Kassu


  Doctoral Candidate

B.S. University of Rochester


Though born in Awassa, Ethiopia, Minte was raised in the suburbs of Rochester, NY; he even stuck around to attend the University of Rochester. As an undergraduate Minte aspired to move on to pharmacy school, but after his exposure to introductory organic chemistry courses he had a change of heart and his pharmacy school aspirations quickly turned into aspirations of pursuing a research-based career in drug discovery. After receiving his B.S. in Molecular Genetics, Minte enrolled in the NIH sponsored Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) at Virginia Tech. During his 12-month tenure, Minte conducted anticancer research where he primarily used solid-phase peptide synthesis to develop hetero-multivalent scaffolds. Minte’s work in the Manetsch Laboratory focuses on optimizing the fragment-based lead discovery strategy: Kinetic Target-Guided Synthesis.

Outside of lab, Minte spends his time exercising, spending time with close friends, and making Matt regret challenging him in Mario Kart.

Ami Asakawa


Ph.D. Student

B.S. Pace University


Ami attended Pace University in New York City (known to the cool kids as
"The Big Apple”) for her undergraduate studies. At Pace, Ami worked in a cell biology lab where her research focused on the amyloid forming sequences in Trichomonas vaginalis. Ami has always maintained an interest in infectious, parasitic diseases and here in graduate school she has taken her biology research background and applied it to her medicinal and synthetic chemistry efforts in the lab. Ami’s work in the Manetsch Laboratory focuses on the synthesis of quinolone (P4Q, THA and PEQ) analogs.

Ami is a passionate New York Mets fan. Outside of lab, Ami enjoys playing the piano, and adventuring with her friends. Ami’s hood is always decorated with her cartoon drawings of cats, birds, fish and more!

Brandon Miller


  Ph.D. Student

B.S. University of New Haven


Brandon hails from Goshen, New York; a suburban town known as the home to the oldest harness racing (the less exciting horse racing) track in the world. Brandon completed his Bachelors degree at the University of New Haven in Connecticut where he majored in Chemistry. His undergraduate research in the group of Dr. Pier Cirillo focused on the total synthesis efforts of Spiromastixone J, a deep-sea depsidone with Gram-positive antimicrobial activity. Brandon spent his summer before graduate school working for a small medicinal chemistry startup in Connecticut called Synovel Laboratory. His work in the Manestch Laboratory focuses on the synthesis of Streptothricin F Analogs and the synthesis of Cyclic Thiosulfinates. 

Brandon spends most of his time outside of lab putting off going to the gym. He enjoys playing soccer, and exploring the city of Boston. Brandon firmly believes that the New York Jets will win a super bowl in his lifetime. 

Lili Huang


Ph.D. Student

B.S., M.S. Wuhan University


Lili comes to Northeastern from the Wuhan University (WHU) in China where she obtained her B.S. in Chemistry and her M.S. in Inorganic Chemistry. Lili completed her masters research under Dr. Jiangbin Xia, where she focused on the preparation and modification of conductive polymers and their application in electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells. Prior to her experience as a synthetic chemist, Lili gained chemical biology experience as a member of the laboratory of Dr. Xiang Zhou where she focused on nucleic acid related signal pathways based and ligand regulation. Lili’s work in the Manetsch Laboratory focuses on the synthesis of Anguidine macrolactone derivatives.

Lili enjoys traveling around the world visiting famous cities and landmarks. She is a very talented ballet dancer and model. 

Alicia Wagner


Ph.D. Student

B.S. University of New Haven


Alicia attended the University of New Haven where she majored in Forensic Science with a minor in Chemistry. She became involved with organic chemistry research in her third year at the University of New Haven. In the group of Dr. Pier Cirillo, her primary research focus was synthesizing analogues of a marine natural product, Cadiolide B, which has shown potential as a promising solution to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Alicia’s work in the Manetsch Laboratory focuses on optimizing the fragment-based lead discovery strategy: Kinetic Target-Guided Synthesis.

When not in the lab, Alicia likes to spend her time hiking, playing Animal Crossing, and playing with her cat, Pickles. Alicia is not known around the lab for her ability to reach items on the tall shelves.

Former Graduate Students

Jackson Cacioppo, M.S., 2019

Iredia Iyamu, Ph.D., 2016

Cynthia Lichorowic, Ph.D., 2016

Jordany Maignan, Ph.D., 2015

Megan Barber, M.S., 2015

Andrii Monastyrskyi, Ph.D., 2014

Kurt S. Van Horn, Ph.D., 2013

Katya Nacheva, Ph.D., 2012

Sameer S. Kulkarni, Ph.D., 2012

Shikha Mahajan, Ph.D., 2012

Arun B. Kumar, Ph.D., 2012

R. Matthew Cross, Ph.D., 2011

Lisa Malmgren, M.S., 2007

Former Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Prakash Parvatkar 2016 - 2018

Dr. Fabian Brockmeyer 2015 - 2017

Dr. Abdul Shaikh 2015 - 2017

Dr. Raghupathi Neelarapu 2012 - 2014

Dr. Yana Sakhno 2012 - 2013

Dr. Niranjan Namelikonda 2009 - 2014

Dr. David Flanigan 2009 - 2014

Dr. Yijun Yiang2009 - 2010

Dr. Xiangdong Hu 2006 - 2009